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This tubing cleaning system is used to clean internal and external surface of used tubing, including supersonic frequency heating external cleaning system, bore-through cleaning system, high pressure hot water jetting cleaning system, mechanical descaling system and environmental sand blasting system, integrated hydraulic, pneumatic and electric system, controlled by industrial computer with PLC. The system is suitable for the cleaning service for tubing 2-3/8”, 2-7/8” and 3-1/2” (Other size also available) and features with high automatic operation, reliability, complete descaling, quick cleaning (60pcs/hr) and easy operation and maintenance (1~2 workers).



1. External Cleaning

The external cleaning system adopts supersonic heating equipment to heat tubing and then uses high strength wire brush set to clean the pipe surface. 1 ~3 seconds heating can make wax and other sewage drop up easily.

2. Internal Cleaning
The internal cleaning includes bore-through cleaning system, HP hot-water jetting cleaning system, mechanical cleaning system and sand blasting cleaning system.
1) Bore-through Cleaning system
At the same time as external heating cleaning, smaller pipe with spiral bit scrapes the internal surface of tubing, which can move most of crude oil, wax and other sewage and serves next process. 

2) HP Hot Water Jetting Cleaning System
High pressure water supplied by German MAHA hot water cleaning machine is jetting by smaller pipe with nozzle and high strength wire brush drift to the inner surface of rotating tubing.

3) After the cleaning of above mentioned 2) & 3), mechanical cleaning will be used if there’s still sewage remained.
The diamond bit and round wire brush with large displacement water will be used to clean remained adhesive sewage.

4) After the cleaning of above mentioned 3), sand blasting cleaning will be used to clean the hardened sewage if any.
The sand blasting cleaning will be processed in the close sand pit with pulse bag filter and the sand can be re-used after shale shaker.

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