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Our ceramic liners take zirconia composite ceramic formulations as the formula after high pressure forming, sintering and finishing process, and then a finished product is presented out. The composition of zirconia: 5.4% yttria and 94.6%zirconia ,the average particle size less than 0.5 μm. As zirconia is reputed for its high fracture toughness, it is thus used to improve the fatigue strength of the final product. But pure zirconia product tends to be surface chalking after long service at 100 to 250 ℃damp environment. As a result, its abrasion resistance and mechanical property declined greatly, no doubt, service life of the product limited. The part of aluminum oxide comprises 99.9% aluminum oxide, with average particle size less than 0.5μm.Aluminum oxide has high hardness and good abrasion performance, but its fracture toughness is low. The product of aluminum oxide is thus likely to develop cracks. Mixture of zirconia and aluminum oxide through fine process control realizes mutual supplementation of these two substances, thus getting round both efflorescence commonly seen among zirconia and low fracture toughness commonly seen among aluminum oxide. Massive experiments show that the toughness is maximum when 80 --90% zirconia is added. We select super fine zirconia just to get dense sintering result, and consequently fine finish of the product.




1. Corrosion-resistant, acid/ alkali -proof, heat-resistant which make the liners can work in the medium of the drilling mud or other corrosive  liquid etc.;

2. High hardness, wear resistance, which can resist high pressure mud of sharp or abrasive resistance of the solid particles grinding or scour, such as rock debris, quartz sands, iron ores, scrap iron;

3. Evenly distributed structure for microstructure and smoothly surface will improve the life of the liners;

4. Working pressure is more than 52 MPa (7500 PSI), to meet drilling deep well, ultra-deep demand.

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