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Valve Assembly

1. The valve body and seat is made of 20CrMnTi and surface hardness is more than 60HRC;
2. The valve insert can be NBR, PU or HNBR;
3. Meet API Spec 7K requirements and API #5 ~ #9 available.



Three Type Valve Assembly Available:

1. Full Open Style: Suitable for drilling with large displacement.


2. 3-web Style


3. 4-web Style: with features of excellent impack resistance and suitable for high pressure drilling.



Material of Insert

1. NBR: with features of excellent wear-resistance, heat-resistance and oil-resistance and its service life is about 200hrs.

2. PU: Comparing with NBR, it features good hardness and tensile strength and its service life is about 400hrs.

3: HNBR: it features excellent wear-resistance, heat-resistance and oil-resistance, anti-corrosion with high tensile strength. Its service life is about 600hrs and usually used in high pressure drilling.


Available Specification but not limited to the below listed:

API-5#: F-350, F-750,

API-6#: F-800, F-1000, T-1000, T-500, T-800, 10-P-130, 8-P-80, 9-P-100, A-600

API-7#: F-1300, F-1600, FB-1300, FB-1600, T-1300, T-1600, 12-P-160

API-8#: DB-550, DB-700, DB-700A, DB-700K, 14-P-220, 500A, K-500A

API-9#: D-1000 EMSCO, FQ-FXQ, C-350, B-1000

Pls email us to and tell us the size you need, layout (basic: valve body, insert and seat; More: valve spring), material of insert and qty for each size, thanks.

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