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Single-acting triplex mud pump is widely used in oil & gas drilling. Shanghai Oilfield Equipment Co., Limited (SOECO) supply mud pumps with good quality and competitive prices. Our mud pump and spare parts is designed, manufactured, assembled and inspected according to the requirements of API Spec 7K.
Mud pumps of 350HP, 500HP, 800HP, 1000HP, 1300HP, 1600HP & 2200HP are available.


Power End Assembly

The power end assembly mainly consists of frame, crankshaft, pinion shaft, crosshead and extension rod. It features continuous tooth herringbone gear, one-piece alloy steel crankshaft and double sealing. It also utilizes the combination lubricating system.

Frame is made of steel plats by welding and stress-relieving treatment to provide the optimum rigidity and high strength. Strength structure of stiffening rib is used at crankshaft bearing. Necessary oil basin and lubricating system are provided in the frame for cooling and lubricating. The surface of each work pieces is polished carefully.

Crankshaft and Pinion Shaft
Crankshaft is made of casted alloy steel. Eccentric ring gear, connection rod and bearing are mounted on it. The eccentric ring gear is herringbone bore and crankshaft are of interference fit and fastened with bolts and lock nuts. Big ends of connection rod are mounted on three eccentric strapes of the crankshaft via single row cylindrical roller bearings. Small ends are mounted on crosshead pin via double row cylindrical roller bearing. Double row radial spherical roller bearing are mounted at either end of the crankshaft. Dynamic balance emendation for crankshaft is adopted.
Pinion Shaft is made of forged alloy steel, on which a herringbone gear with the medium-hard teeth surface is machined. For easy maintenance, single row radial cylindrical roller bearing with double ribbed outer ring is used. The pinion shaft ends are prolonged so that sheave or sprocket can be mounted on either end.

Crosshead and Extension Rod
Crosshead and crosshead guide are made of ASTM A48-83,mechanic featuring good abrasion resistance and long service life. Flange-bolts with pinhole fit are used for connecting crosshead with extension rod. This rigid connection ensures the concentricity of extension rod and crosshead. Coupling is used for connecting extension rod with crosshead. Light coupling enables the extension rod and the crosshead to
connect with each other with ease and reliableness.

Fluid End Assembly
The fluid end assembly mainly consists of fluid end, valve assembly, liners and pistons. It features good sealing, good suction performance, high pressure resistance and easy to maintenance. Discharge desurger, shear relief valve and discharge strainer are fitted at the discharge outlet.

Fluid End
Fluid end is made of forged alloy steel and three fluid ends of each pump are interchangeable. On customers' request, the fuid end surface can be nickle-platedtoimprove the abrasion resistance. Discharge desurger,shearrelief valve and discharge strainer are fitted at the discharge outlet.

Valve Assembly
The suction valve and discharge valve of F-series mud pump are interchangeable. API5#, 6#, 7# and 8# valve are available. Special high pressure valve assembly should be used if the pressure exceeds 35MPa(5000psi), especially for F-1600HLand F-2200HL.

Piston and Piston Rod
They are of slide fit and sealed with rubber seal rings. They are fastened with lock nuts to prevent the piston from loosing.

Bi-mental liners are made of forged steel for outer layer and high wear-resisting alloy forged steel for the inner sleeve. The surface of the sleeve can reach HRC60 ~ 65 and is honed to a mirror finish. Therefore, the liners are resistant and corrosion resistant. Chrome-plated liners and ceramic liners are available.

Spraying System
This system mainly consists of spraying pump, cooling water tank and spraying pipe. The function is to cool and wash the liner and piston so as to prolong their service life. The centrifugal spraying pump can be driven by a sheave mounted on the pinion end or by a separate motor. Its working medium is water. The spraying pipe is mounted on the coupling between extension rod and reciprocates with piston. Nozzles
are adjacent to piston end so lubricating-cooling fluid can wash the contact surface of pistons and liners all the time. Also the fixed spraying pipe can be used.

Lubricating System
Power end utilizes the combination lubricating system of forced lubrication and splash lubrication. Pressure oil is transmitted to the crosshead, extension rod, crosshead guide and all bearing by a gear oil pump located in oil basin via lubricating pipe lines for forced lubricating. The working condition of the gear oil pump can be observed through pressure gauge at the back of frame.
Compared with mud pumps of other manufacturers, larger lubricating pipe and oil filter is adopted in our mud pump and magnets is setup at the bottom of oil basin to prevent from iron cuttings.

Charging System
To avoid air lock at pump at lower pressure, each set of mud pump can be fitted with a charging system. It consists of a charging pump and base, a butterfly valve and manifold. The charging pump is driven by a special motor and is mounted on the suction manifold of mud pump. Also it be driven by the driving shaft of the mud pump via V-belt to reduce the power consumption.

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